12 Sep 2006 - How much bait do you have?
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 Author Name:  Stan Wright
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Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:16 am Post subject: How much bait do you have?


How many peacock bass can I expect to catch? Well, this week the answer has been..... How much bait do you have? Everyone who had live bait caught fish. Lots and lots of fish.

One guy started out with 60 Mollies (feeder fish from the pet store.) They are orange in color and 1 to 2 inches long) After those were gone, he called his wife who brought 60 more. After those were all used up he started borrowing baits from the rest of us. I saw him catch several fish with the same bait. Yes, he caught that many fish.

I was using small tilapia and midaka (mosquito fish) . It was just a matter of locating the fish. When you found the fish it was non stop action. One place the fish have been lately was Morgan's Pt.. When I got there, three boats were already pulled up on shore and 7 people stood on the bank fighting fish. All seven people hooked up and fighting fish. I don't remember any time in the hour I was there that at least someone was not hooked into a fish.

Just dangle a live bait in the water off the tip of your rod and a 2 to 3 pound peacock bass would rush in and smash it. Usually followed by several more fish trying to get to the bait first.
It was wild and constant action. When someone hooked a fish you just tossed your bait near by and one of the following fish would hit your bait. It was common for 3 or 4 people to be hooked up at once.

Ken and I fished from 11 till 2. I ask how many fish he thought we had taken and he had no idea. Lots and lots of fish.