30 Nov 2008 - Georgia Winter Fishing is ON!
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Capt. Richie Lott
 Author E-mail:  richielott@bellsouth.net
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Capt. Richie Lott
November 30, 2008
St. Simons Island - Saltwater Fishing Report
This Inshore season is one to remember, and it is far from over..... I don't know anyone who is not catching Trout this year. The water temperature is falling pretty quick, now. We are now in the mid 50's and low 60's. There are mounds of large trout being caught this month. We all know there some excellent fisherman in the south GA area and these abilities have shown this season with a Trout close to 5 Pounds is leading one of our local season tournaments. That's a STELLAR Trout, to say the least. Hopefully, we will continue to see some of these bigger trout weighed in at the dock..

There has been word of a 'top-water' Trout bite in the area, so I couldn't resist, and the rumors were validated. A veteran fisherman in S.E. Georgia, Richard Blythe Sr., mentioned a spot to me last year and it was unreal. This week, we hit that same spot with AZUMA Skitter Pops and the bite was insane just before dark. Every cast produced a Trout, and most all were keeper size fish, but the fun was in the Strike! Good fun. Try it just before dark sometime in your favorite Trout spot. You'll be hooked.....

Also, the carolina rig continues it's tradition of catching large trout on the bottom. This year has only been better for bottom fishing the rig... Can it actually get any better?

A 6.5 pound trout was caught in the Hampton River on St. Simons by a good friend of mine and local guide, Capt. Dooley Miller. He was lucky enough to catch the fish during a trout tournament for the Sea Island Company to top it all off! SUPER nice fish... This is one of the biggest Trout of the year that we have actual proof and a photo. This size trout is NOT common in this area what so ever, but when one is caught, it is a BIG deal.

The stranger thing about this fish is this.... Most big trout in GA are caught in deep water areas while drifting a float along allowing the shrimp or Minnow to drag the bottom as the current takes the float and rig down river. Dooley cught this fish in a shallow water creek the has hardly ever produced a trout over 2 pounds. Literally, you never know......


The offshore bottom bite continues to be insane. Each year our winter bottom fishing gets better. The quality of fish have improved as well as the numbers of these quality fish incuding; Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Grouper, Big Sea Bass, Sheepshead and Grey Triggers.

Most of the Striking/Pelagic fish have moved south and east for the season and the sardines and cigar minnows have vacated the area within 40 miles of shore. There is bait at the R-4 Tower, but that is a 60 mile run straight offshore just to get bait, if you can keep it from the barracudas. I will personally NOT be making that trip. Strips of Bonito have proved to be just fine for the bottom fishing we have been doing....

Good Fishing!

Capt. Richie Lott

St. Simons Island Fishing Forecast:
Falling water temperature will slow the trout bite by January, but offshore will continue to produce bottom fish in good numbers.

Target Species:
Trout, Red Snapper and more