Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster
 Author E-mail:  captainbutchf@earthlink.net
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Today we headed offshore with Darren, and Rose Ellis, from Westphalia, Kansas along with Raymond Head also from Westphalia,KS and Vance Hodgden and Jodi Bollig from Chanute,KS.

We headed towards the tower in hopes of avoiding most of the sharks that inhabit the waters closer in this time of year.

We did avoid the Spiney Dog Sharks, but that's not to say we were able to hide from the Atlantic sharpnose sharks.

It seems these guys are virtually everywhere and the Tower area was no exception.

But, we didn't mind, they are good to eat and we got our limit of one each, fought the rest and released them.

The bottom fishing was good, although we caught a lot of fish, the keeper size was at a premium today. The current was running hard, which makes for tough fishing, but we got the job done in style.

The lite line kept us busy today, while we limited out on King Mackeral. Raymond Head was the 'man' today. He caught the biggest King Mackeral which weighed around 25 pounds and he also caught the biggest black bass at around 31/2 pounds.

You know you have done your job when you go to the fish cleaning station at the marina and Darrin says 'my cooler isn't big enough to hold all the filets'.

His cooler was at least a 48 quart and he had probably enough filets to fill another 48 qt. Let's see, two 48 qt. coolers, that would equal a 96 quart cooler full of filets, yeah, we had a good day of catching. Now, that's just a bonus when you add it to a great day of fishing with friends!!

Darren fishes with us every year and it was good to see him and family and friends again. It's a long drive from Kansas every year, and I am honored he drives that far to fish with us!!!

OK, looks like the winds are going to blow for a few days, but as soon as it settles again, we will be back out and will have another report.

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!
Fish On!!!!
Capt Butch