5 Oct 2011 - When they make the turn
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Mark Rayor
 Author E-mail:  Vseasport@aol.com
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Yellowfin tuna jumping and feeding with schools of
porpoise are being found 35 to 50 miles from Los
Barriles. The tuna have been very finicky and even
the first boat to find a school is having a hard time
getting bit. After a couple other boats arrive on the
scene it is game over.

Close to home billfish and dorado have been more
cooperative and providing lots of action. Most of
the dorado have been too small to keep but the
sailfish, striped and blue marlin are keeping anglers

My brother from another mother Accurate Jack
Nilsen shot photography and field tested new
products while fishing Jen Wren III for a few days.
Jack invited different guests to fish each day.
Catching multiple billfish daily allowed everyone
invited to land one. All were released except for one
blue marlin that died in battle after being brain

Most of the fish caught came into our lure pattern
and we were able to switch them to bait. It is a hoot
to sit in the bridge and watch marlin in pursuit.
When coming from behind it is very difficult for
them to get a good line on the bait. With eyes being
on the sides of their head and a big snout sticking
out over their mouth its pretty hard to catch a bait
straight in front of them. As the lures are trolled
away the fish chases, becomes more frustrated and
lights up. I watched fish after fish in pursuit. It is
when they make the turn on a bait the game begins.

It has been a hay day for billfish. Between Jack and
myself we captured some incredible images.

Mark Rayor