24 Jun 2019 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
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San Jose del Cabo

Anglers –

June 23, 2019

Well the summer season is now
officially here, local weather patterns
steadily warming, some scattered
morning cloud cover, quickly burning
as the sun rises higher into the sky,
daytime highs reaching 90 degrees. We
noticed more crowds of family
vacationers arriving, taking advantage
early summer vacation time. Winds were
lighter, mainly picking up from the
south later in the day. Ocean water
temperatures has quickly rebounded back
near the 80 degree mark in the
direction of San Jose del Cabo and
north. Also clarity is much cleaner on
these same grounds in the direction
of the Sea of Cortez, while the Pacific
still remains greenish and much

In and around the marina area the bait
vendors are finding caballito,
mullet and some moonfish, other bait
options has been strips of squid and
ballyhoo, as well as some bolito and
smaller sized black skipjack on the
offshore fishing grounds. Anglers are
also using yo-yo style jigs for a mix
of some bottom action.

Sportfishing fleets are mainly
concentrating on the grounds from the
to San Luis Bank, not much found on the
scouting trips to the Gordo Banks,
besides shark and a few billfish. The
more productive action has been
switching back and forth daily, some
days San Luis, others on the Iman.
Drift fishing for yellowfin tuna with
strips of squid, as well as slow
trolling live baits, has resulting in
yellowfin tuna catches, fish ranged
in sizes from 15 lb. to 80 lb. No big
numbers, most boats were having at
least a chance or two, some charters
landing as many as three or four tuna,
the best action seemed to be earlier in
the morning.

These same grounds were producing an
occasional dorado, a few nicer sized
bulls over 25 lb. were accounted for,
but only a scattered fish or two, at
least we are seeing these prized
fighting and popular gamefish present
local waters, they had been absent for
a long time during the cooler winter
and spring seasons.

The same areas where these surface
species are being encountered, there
have been options off the bottom while
drift fishing with various baits and
using the yo-yo style jigs. There were
a few variety of grouper, pompano,
amberjack, red snapper, yellow snapper,
bonito and others on these rocky
high spots. All of these being
excellent table fare.

All along the beach stretches now is a
great time for slowing baits for
roosterfish, now the peak season for
these gamefish, good chances at
hooking into fish over 40 lb., even to
50 and 60 lb. Remember that this
species is known for their prized
fighting capabilities, not for eating
quality, these fishing should always be
released, care should be taken
while taking a quick photo for
documentation of the catch before

Striped marlin are scattered throughout
the area now, right around the Iman
bank and towards the Gordo Banks, no
huge concentrations, but if you are
interested in catching one of these
fish, the odds are fairly high now that
you find opportunity. Most of the
stripers are now averaging 70 to 120
Will not be long until we start seeing
the larger blue and black marlin
showing up in the warmer summer

The combined sportfishing fleet
launching out of the panga area from
Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out an
estimated 78 charters for the week and
anglers reported an approximate fish
count of: 14 striped, 9 dorado, 48
yellowfin tuna, 3 dogtooth snapper, 8
leopard grouper, 4 African pompano,
180 Mexican bonito, 34 red snapper, 12
yellow snapper, 13 amberjack, 44
roosterfish, 14 jack crevalle and 70

Good Fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147