16 Dec 2019 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
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December 15, 2019

Anglers –

Limited number of tourists now
arriving, as Christmas time and New
nears we do usually see greater numbers
of people arriving, especially
family groups. Now is the perfect time
to visit, ideal weather, despite
dipping down to 55 degrees early
morning, daytime highs have averaged in
the upper 70s, plenty of warm sunshine.
Early in the week there was more
wind from the north, but by the weekend
we saw much calmer ocean
conditions. Average water temperature
was about 77 degrees, with some
isolated areas up to 80 degrees, surf
was minimal, though tides were
extreme with passing of recent full
moon, the last one of this decade.

Bait vendors are finding caballito in
the marina area, also offering
ballyhoo and slabs of squid. Off of the
San Jose del Cabo Hotel Zone the
schools of baitfish, mackerel and
sardineta, are moving in and this will
become an option for the next month or
two. The overall fishing action was
more scattered this week, perhaps the
moon was affecting feeding habits,
also there was a noticeably stronger
current sweeping through local
grounds, as well as winds being a
factor at times. The majority of local
charters were working the grounds from
the Gordo Banks, to La Fortuna,
Cardon and close off of Punta Gorda.

Main target species continue to be
yellowfin tuna, dorado and wahoo, also
some billfish and limited bottom action
to round out the options. Yellowfin
tuna varying in sizes up to 75 lb., the
larger fish were found on the Gordo
Banks and other mixed grade of
yellowfin off of La Fortuna. Though
was a major issue with sharks attacking
hooked fish and they got more than
their share, these were not little
sharks either, we saw quality sized
bitten completely in half or swallowed
whole, they were even attacking
wahoo or dorado if they had the chance.
It has been a while since so many
aggressive sharks were found on these
same fishing grounds, hard to say how
long they will be around, they now know
that they are able to find some
easy tasty meals. Hopefully when the
water temperature cools off the sharks
will move on.

Wahoo were more finicky this week,
though they have not gone anywhere,
were more wary about striking. Some hit
on strips of squid while anglers
targeted tuna, other on trolled baits,
a smaller percentage were striking
on lures. The largest we weighed in
recently was a 48 lb. specimen. Sunday
is the local wahoo tournament, which
was original set for Nov. 17, but had
to be rescheduled due to Tropical Storm
Raymond. Will be interesting to see
how many teams enter, since it is now
during a not so busy tourist time

Numbers of dorado were down compared to
last week, though these fish are
still scattered through the area in
smaller sized schools, the larger sized
dorado were now found on the Pacific,
though off of San Jose del Cabo we
did see some fish up to 20 lb.

Billfish action now seems to be
transitioning from the Pacific to the
direction of San Jose, these fish
follow their food source. Though the
is spotty, has not been wide open yet,
there are striped marlin being found
within several miles of shore, the
majority were in the 70 to 120 lb.
range. Also saw at least one sailfish
in recent days.

Not much going off the bottom, an
occasional leopard or baqueta grouper,
various pargo, bonito and triggerfish.
More whales definitely now showing
up, peak season will be here now any
week, as these mammals are now
arriving for their winter’s stay.

*T*he combined sportfishing fleet
launching out of the panga area from
Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out an
estimated 70 charters for the week and
anglers reported an approximate fish
count of: 1 sailfish, 9 striped
marlin, 38 dorado, 78 yellowfin tuna,
14 wahoo, 5 yellow snapper, 3
pompano, 4 golden eye tile fish, 6
barred pargo, 9 cabrilla, 2 amberjack,
bonito, 5 sierra, 5 roosterfish, 6
baqueta, 2 surgeonfish and 45

Good Fishing, Eric

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