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 Author Name:  Mark Rayor
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: LIVING IN NAIROBI

Word on the street is that East Cape fishing is lighting
up. Dorado and striped marlin are starting to show in
good numbers off shore a few miles south of Punta
Arena Light house. Only a boat or two have been out
there most days and are consistently having success.
In shore sierra mackerel continue to bite with El
Cardonal area producing the most action. Just a
couple miles off the beach in Buena Vista quality
sized yellowtail have made a showing. Live bait is key
to get the yellows going. I was out there yesterday
morning and had a hard time making bait. It took
until 8:30 to finally catch a mackerel. After pinning it
on and pitching it out it only took a 5 minutes to
hang a 25 pound yellowtail. Unfortunately I forgot my
camera but we had some great sashimi last night.

The weather is changing and we are now getting as
many calm days as windy ones. I've put away my Ugg
boots and we are not needing the fire place to warm
our home. We are going to put Jen Wren in tomorrow
for the first trips of the season and see what we can
stir up.

Back in 92 I was in LA for a long weekend and wanted
to pick up a spear gun that had been advertised in a
skindiving magazine. It was frustrating calling dive
shop after shop to find nobody had one in stock.
Finally talking to a shop owner I explained where we
live, why I wanted that particular gun and asked why
nobody in the Los Angeles area stocked them. He
said sir, where you are living is like Nairobi and we
just don't get calls for elephant guns. That reply has
always stuck with me and is a very good description
of the East Cape.

The areas we fish everyday on the Sea of Cortez have
produced 1,000 pound marlin, cow yellowfin tuna in
excess of 300 pounds and yes, the 'gladiator of the
sea' broadbill swordfish. We may not get a shot at
these trophies every day but the possibility is always
there. For just this reason we keep an elephant gun
rigged and ready on both Jen Wren boats. When the
opportunity for a trophy of a lifetime arises there is
no fumbling around for the right gear. We just grab
the stick that is prepared and always within short
reach for the occasion.

I love breaking out the big guns.

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841